Facial Dry Brush
Facial Dry Brush
Midnight Paloma

Facial Dry Brush

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Midnight Paloma

A Facial Dry Brush, an easy way to complete your routine with maximum benefit. Get gentle exfoliation, boosted circulation, and use on tired eyes to wake up and go.
Taking inspiration from our Body Brush, this unique vegan facial tool is soft, gentle, and effective. One of the only Dry Facial brushes on the market, it’s suitable for all skin types. 

Brush made from synthetic fibers.

  • boost lymphatic drainageBoost Lymphatic Drainage, Reduces Puffiness
  • gently exfoliatingGentle Exfoliation
  • tones + firms skinTones + Firms Skin

Skin Type: All
How Often: Morning - pre-makeup

    How To Use:

    • step 1 - top of temple down nexkStep 1: Take the brush from the top of the temple & brush downward over the neck.
    • step 2 - up forehead, down nose + light circles over eyesStep 2: Brush up the forehead, down the center of the nose & light circles over eyes.
    • step 3 - down cheeks, across cheekStep 3: Stroke down the cheeks towards the chin then across the cheek towards the temple.
    • step 4 - up jawline, down neck and follow with face oilStep 4: Sweep up the jawline towards the ear. Then pull down the neck. Follow with Face Oil.

    Dry Brushing is a ritual that has historical roots in several cultures. Traditionally it started with Dry Body Brushing. The Ancient Egyptians used a brush similar to this one, The Romans likely adapted the technique into a metallic tool that scraped the skin before cleansing. In the Indian Ayurveda tradition, raw silk or linen gloves were used to stimulate circulation. And in traditional Chinese medicine, dried fibers from a gourd would be used in a brushing fashion to the same end.

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