Tote Bag - Romantic | The Birds Papaya
Brunette the Label

Tote Bag - Romantic | The Birds Papaya

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Brunette the Label

"This collection was inspired by the one relationship that outlives and outloves all others, the one with yourself. You see, when we hear the words "self love" we translate it oftentimes to a feeling. Self-Romance? That is love in action. It's a wooing, a dating, an everlasting love, a gentle reminder that you, after all, are The One. With whimsy and romance that flowers represent, clothing and accessories to celebrate your romance." - Sarah

The "ROMANTIC" Tote Bag in classic Black features a white graphic with roses. Made in 100% Cotton - the perfect size to carry all day, every day.

100% Cotton

Machine wash cold
Do not Tumble Dry 
Do not bleach

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